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Good Evening,

     KryptOtoyZ is the result of yet another spooky big kid's growing love, quest and obsession for toys. My name is Mike Bazzell, Webmaster and Kryptician of KryptOtoyZ, Illustrator, professional computer game artist of more than 20 years and yes, I am also a toyaholic.

     Access the above drop down menus for various aspects of this website, but most significantly the middle menu entitled "Collections..." links to websites showcasing various toy lines that I have collected throughout my (unending) childhood.

I hope that KryptOtoyZ proves and grows to become a favored, beneficial toy website for both you and me.

                                                  Thanks, The Kryptician

p.s. oh yes, and Baron KRYPTO the space puppy says; ``Hello!".

I am extremely pleased with their service,
pricing, features and ease of use
and highly recommend 1&1.
,KryptOtoyZ Webmaster

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